Viral Protein Structure

Five viral proteins designated VP1, VP2, VP3, VP4 and VP5 have been recognised:

  • VP1 plays a key role in the encapsidation of the virus particle.
  • VP2 encodes the major antigenic determinants of the virus, including epitopes that are important in virus neutralisation.
  • VP3 is a group specific antigen that is recognised by non-neutralising antibodies. VP3 acts as an intermediary, interacting with both VP1 and VP2, and the formation of VP1-VP3 complexes is likely to be an important step in the morphogenesis of IBDV particles.
  • VP4 is a minor and non-structural polypeptide.
  • VP5 likely has a regulatory function.

Peer Reviewed by Dr J J (Sjaak) de Wit and William Baxendale.